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Startup Assist - Better Quality.
Better Cost.

Don't settle for a newer designer/researcher who can't bring the value you desperately need in a startup. 

Instead, find a better way using Startup Assist.

Starting at 10 hours per week for $65/hour, depending upon complexity and needs.


Startups often need the expertise of UX Designers and Researchers that have been practitioning for several years to make sure they get it right the first time, but cost is a barrier to entry especially at the crucial early stages especially as W2 employees massively increase costs.


As a senior Product Designer/Researcher, I work much faster, more efficiently, and more accurately than newer product designers, and I understand how the business needs affect everything you're doing. I'm experienced with startups at multiple stages, so I know how to scale. I think about how everything is interconnected to ensure a consistent, end-to-end experience.


The cost savings for this opportunity means I need flexible scheduling (i.e. mostly evenings and weekends). However, you'll still get the same quality experience and dedication I have in my day job, with constant communication and work reviews on a part-time schedule and budget.

I'm in Eastern Time, geographically near Cincinnati, Ohio, which means my evenings are Pacific Time afternoons.

I only take on one Startup Assist project (max 20 hours/week) at a time to ensure quality work and focus.


All types of UI and UX work are included, from design system creation to research repository to high-fidelity prototyping to working with developers after handoff, etc. What artifacts are included will depend highly upon your unique needs, as you probably won't need every type of artifact or work stream, and your needs will change over time.

I've got a Pro license for Figma artifacts that can be transferred to your company license as needed; any additional seats for your "team" will need to be provided by the company. Additionally, I've got an Adobe Creative Cloud license as well for any Adobe tools needed as part of UX work.

Any software or apps that are required for your specific needs beyond free versions are not included, and will need to be provided by the company. Any of these services will be the property of the company and be transferred upon completion of work. E.G. Dovetail, Miro, Confluence/Jira, Microsoft Office, etc.

A company-linked email address is not included and will need to be provided by the company in order to facilitate proper communication. Slack Connect is also not included.

Rates are based on a minimum dedicated number of hours each week (10, 15, or 20) and additional hours can be added in 5 hour increments based on your needs and my availability on an individual week basis. Additional hours will be confirmed in writing by the company before additional work begins that week. Weeks that I am not available due to vacation, illness, etc. will not be billed.


Open to US-based companies only for tax purposes. Services are to be paid out no less frequently than once per month, on the last day of the month for services rendered. Fifty percent of the first month's base hours will be required as a deposit upon signing of contract. A two week notice of early termination of contract is required.

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Make sure to include your business link, any unique needs, and any information that might be pertinent to help me provide a more detailed/accurate quote.

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